From 2017 to 2018

Before you read this, go take a look at the report of ENER’Cyprus, RURENER 2017 General Assembly (especially if you missed it)!

What are the main conclusions for 2017?

RURENER current project “2017 Year of Innovation for Rural Energy” is under progress, the four actions are developed in France for now and will expand to Europe in the coming months.

New cooperation projects are being developed though the Interreg SUDOE and H2020 European programmes.

RURENER strengthened its connection with the European Countryside Movement (ECM) in Brussels to reinforce its lobbying action for rural energy. RURENER is fully supporting the writing of a European Rural Agenda, as promoted by the RED (Rurality Environment Development) and the ECM. Complementary to the current Urban Agenda, the Rural Agenda will be in favor of an integrated sustainable development of rural territories in their diversity. As such, it will help rural territories to get recognition at the EU level for their role in European challenges we are facing today: recognition of the great potential of rural territories for production of renewable energy, promotion of local resources and value chains, re-localization of the economy for a tailored answer to climate changes. The Rural Agenda will strengthen cooperation within the rural context, cope with the imbalance between urban and rural areas and explore the synergies of these poles: decentralized energy production at local levels, outreach of urban innovation centers to support rural innovation, development of cleaner transports and digitized solutions and  much more. For all these reasons, RURENER is strongly in favor of a European Rural Agenda, a necessary tool for a transversal approach of rural (but not only) development.

What’s up for 2018?

In 2018 we will continue to support rural territories developing their energy strategy towards the energy transition, we will continue to develop tools to facilitate the transition, we will continue to be a bridge between rural energy stakeholders across Europe and enhance cooperation between them and, of course, we will continue to bring rural innovations up at the European level. In 2018, the RURENER will also be growing with the recruitment of two new interns to help us turn ideas into actions.

To make a long story short, in 2018 it will be: new projects, new services, reinforced communication, strong cooperation, and a lot of human energy and enthusiasm!

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