ENER’Gaume: Final event of the Innovation for Rural Energy project and RURENER 2019 General Assembly

The project “2017, Year of Innovation for Rural Energy”, funded by the French State and the CGET through the Fond National d’Aménagement du Territoire along with the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine, is coming to an end. To capitalize on and share the work done during the project, the results were presented during the event ENER’Gaume that took place from September 19th to 21st in Belgium, heart of the European Union, and co-hosted by the Natural Park of Gaume located in the South of Belgium.

At the EU Parliament

The event started at the European Parliament to explore how the project could be capitalized and translated into European policies. Later on, the group went to the Natural Park of Gaume for the launch of the first tour in a Land of Study. It was also the occasion to share the outcomes of the Territorial Impact Measurement approach (TIM) developed to monitor local impact on territorial energy policies, and for cooperation partners or future partners to meet and discuss.

A time was also dedicated to RURENER 2019 General Assembly meeting, with the election of the new Board of Directors (see more).

Visit of Recybois in Virton, bio-site of the Groupe François promoting the use of local wood in a circular economy vision.
Visit of the swimming pool heating by wood pellets in Virton
Visit of the Halle de Han, a multi-skills center making the best out of the 3 pillars of sustainable development: social , economic and environmental
See you next year!!

The report of the event is available in English and French!

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