Meet the Board!

Elected Board members 2016-2019 :

Tibor Köcse, President
Mayor of Nagypali (Hungary), Tibor has involved his community in the energy transition since the end of the XXth century. Being the President of RURENER gives Nagypali not only a way to share its achievements, but also to learn from others and building projects with European counterparts.
Philippe Cortès, Vice-president
CEO of the Granges Solaire company located in the Central Mountain range of France, Philippe sees energy as the future of rural territories. Knowledgeable in economy and finance, Philippe will tell you how energy and positive economic development are intimately linked.
Vassiliki Kazana, Secretary
Vassiliki is our head, professor at the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology (Greece), she is working on impact assessment of sustainable development... And much more!
Aline Brachet, Treasurer
Thanks to Aline, numbers make sense at RURENER. Her specialty and passion is Territorial Dialogue and she works as consultant for her own company Appi-Capacity. In general she is in Clermont-Ferrand (France), but she is often traveling the world.