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RURENER wants to multiply its energy for the conduct of its projet “2017 Year of Innovation for Rural Energy” and is now hiring his/her intern for a position as Operation manager in charge of the promotion of rural territories engaged in the energy transition.

A stimulating internship with a strong European component to start as soon as the Fall 2017! If you’re studying for a 1st or 2nd year master’s degree and have a strong interest in sustainability and the energy transition, this internship might be exactly what you are looking for. Read the description of the mission and send us your CV and motivation letter at

Internship RURENER – promotion rural territories Europe

We hope to meet you soon!



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Find out about the 2016 Activity Report of RURENER !

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2017, Year of Innovation for Rural Energy, that is the name of the new RURENER project. The aim of this project is to maintain and reinforce the dynamic of rural territories of France engaged in the energetic transition. Innovations are flourishing and the RURENER team is building new partnerships throughout Europe to make the voice of rural territories heard by the European Commission.

Become a member and share your experiences and projects with other territories within the network to make rurality a priority at the local, national and European scale. Your experiences nurture RURENER and, in turn, we commit to help you build, monitor and evaluate your projects by providing adapted tools, keeping you informed of the last innovations and fundings.

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As the new European coordinator of the project 2017, Year of Innovation for Rural Energy, I hope to meet you soon to talk about today’s challenges and envision tomorrow together.

To stay connected, 2017 RURENER calendar will be online very soon, come check it out.

I stay available to answer your questions, listen to your suggestions and talk about your needs. Do not hesitate to send an email at

To quote a famous African saying « Alone we go faster. Together we go further. »

So to your projects, to our projects!


Celine Seince and the RURENER team.

RURENER is hiring!!

We are happy to announce that Rurener is currently accepting applications for the position of European Coordinator. The newly-created position of European Coordinator, is one of many steps Rurener is taking to reinvent itself as an independent, strong network of rural communities. The European Coordinator will be responsible for helping the network manage its recently-awarded funding for “2017 année de l’innovation pour l’énergie rurale”, as well as oversee the communication and development of the network. The Coordinator will report directly to the Board. For more details about the position please read: european-coordinator-posting.

We are looking for energetic, creative candidates with prior experience in rural development, project management, renewable energy, advocacy/lobbying and/or organizational development. Fluent French and English speakers are highly encouraged to apply!!!

Applicants should e-mail CV/Resumé and a letter of motivation to


Membres of RURENER : Let’s mobilise for COP 21 !

Unfortunately due to recent events in Paris, RURENER has decided to reschedule their annual event (Details to follow).

However, RURENER will still have an exhibition at the Bourget site at COP 21 and will be hosting events throughout the negotiations. Let us know you are coming by registering HERE.

The program for the two weeks of COP21 is as follows:

Wednesday December 2nd:

  • 11:00-12 :00 : Breakfast : Citizens Climate Assembly (at the Rurener exhibition in Espace Génération Climat- Bourget
  • 12:00-13:00: Group visit of Espace Génération Climat (in whatever measure is permitted by security)

Friday December 4th:

  • 10:30-11:30: Breakfast: Financing the energy transition in community strategies (energy savings, self-consumption, developing renewable energies)

Monday December 7th:

  • 11:00-12:00 : Speech by Eric Malatray at the Grand Palais on how to engage rural communities in the energy transition.

Tuesday December 8th:

  • 11:00-12:00: Breakfast: Rêve project and engaging citizens and children in the energy transition in rural territories

Thursday December 10th:

  • 11:00-12:00: Breakfast: Circular economy and engaging stakeholders in a value-added project around sheep wool





Over the weekend of September 12th and 13th, Rurener partners in Belgium at the University of Liège- Arlon campus completed the first of three weekends with the Luxembourg Province Citizens Climate Assembly.

Twenty-nine randomly selected citizens from Walloonie spent the weekend discussing issues around climate and energy in the region. Key presenters from the weekend included representatives from local and regional government bodies and sustainable development experts in the energy sector. The initiative itself is grounded in the Territories for Net Positive Energy (TEPOS) goal for energy neutrality by 2050

The Citizens Climate Assembly is a new and innovative way to give a voice back to citizens on issues around sustainable development. This is particularly important as the world prepares for COP 21 in Paris in December. The 29 participants in Wallonie have two more weekends in October to continue discussions on these topics and then are invited to share suggestions and results with the regional council on November 27th.

For more information about this process check out the website here.

And if you’d like to watch T.V. Luxembourg’s report on the event you can do that by clicking on the link below!

Stay tuned for more as the process heats up!

With COP 21 just around the corner in December 2015, the world is spending a lot of time pondering potential solutions to climate change. Same is true here at Rurener, which is why we are excited to announce that we are working in Beaujolais Vert, France to establish a Citizens Climate Assembly.

Imitating experiences of our partners in Arlon, Belgium (Arlon Citizens Climate Assembly), citizens in the region of Beaujolais Vert will be asked to help us identify the specialized message that we need to bring to world officials at the COP 21

Additionally, the Citizens Climate Assembly will give participants in Beaujolais Vert a new and innovative opportunity to communicate with local bodies of government on climate/ energy issues. Already this summer, citizens attending NATUROLAC in Cubelize, France helped us understand their region better by contributing over 100 different solutions/ideas to our Idea Tree. These thoughts will be the foundation for the first debates at the Citizens Climate Assembly.

We’ll keep you posted as the project progresses!!

Interested in establishing a Citizens Climate Assembly in your town? Contact us at

100% RES Communities is a project funded by Intelligent Energy Europe Program. It brings together structures of 10 European countries towards the achievement of 6 goals.

• Implement joint SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) in rural areas in 10 European countries.

• Propose methodological guidelines for rural territories

• Propose adaptations of the Covenant of Mayors to EU institutions at the end of the implementation.

• Measure and report the performance of energy policies in rural areas (100% RES territories label and RES champion league ceremony)

• Facilitate the network of rural areas involved in the process at the European level (RURENER) and national (RURENER national clubs)

• Increase the number of signatories of the Covenant of Mayors

At the time of closing the initiative in its project phase, five objectives were met but the number of signatories of the Covenant of Mayors has not increased as much as we would have liked, despite the efforts of the partners in their respective countries.

The purpose of this note is to rely on our experiment to understand current barriers to the success of the Covenant of Mayors in rural areas. At the end of this analysis we will also share propositions for the Covenant of Mayor to become a more suitable tool for rural areas. The role played rural areas and stakeholders is critical to achieve the European Energy Strategy. The Covenant of Mayors needs to better acknowledge it.

You can download the compleete RURENER letter to commission: RURENER letter to commission