Building territorial dialogue in COLEOPTER

Interview with Erica in Povoa de Lanhoso (Portugal)

The COLEOPTER project started last October and we are now starting to build the territorial dialogue processes in our three experimentation territories. The first step consists of identifying the interest groups around each demonstrator buildings to conduct first interviews. The interviews aim at understanding the needs of the interest groups and how they want to be involved in the dialogue. This will allow to set the dialogue process, including the number of meetings, times and places. The interviews are on in Povoa de Lanhoso (Portugal)!

Interview with the Mayor of Povoa de Lanhoso

The dialogue will involve the interest groups along with experts to build a shared diagnosis of the situation before finding solutions respecting the involved parties to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings. The final product of the dialogue is the co-constructed the renovation plans in each territory on which the renovation work will be based. A side product that we want to make is a list of propositions to mainstream renovation work on public and private buildings.

Training time in Povoa!

A short training has been conducted with the Portuguese partners of the COLEOPTER project, in order to build capacity on territorial dialogue and make sure the approach lives on after the project.
The same training will be conducted in Cartagena (Spain) and Est Creuse (France) with the conduct of the first interviews.

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