Large investment programme in France to benefit rural areas?

The French government is launching its 3rd PIA “Programme for Investing in the Future” with a call for expression of Interest last September to prepare for the call for proposal that will be open during the third term of 2018. The Call for Expression of Interest received more than 110 candidates and 24 were selected to receive 400 000€ to conduct feasibility studies (up to 50% funding) and strengthen their applications for the Call for projects in a few months. Among the 24 laureates for the EoI, the project HAPPI (stands for Hub to Support Innovative Partnership Project) Montana coordinated by Macéo was selected. It gathers about 80 partners from urban and rural territories in the French central mountain range (Massif central).

The goal? Boost and spread innovation in mountainous areas to fasten the development of the region and France as a whole. As partner, RURENER will be involved in facilitating territorial dialogue on energy project, and increase the dissemination of the experimentations in greater Europe. An ambitious project benefiting from a fantastic energy!

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