COLEOPTER continues!

Despite the endless sanitary crisis, the COLEOPTER project, funded by the Interreg Sudoe programme through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and led by RURENER, continues.

An important part of the project consists of the conduct of territorial dialogue in order to co-construct the workplan on each demonstrator building, taking into account not only technical consideration (energy and water efficiency), but also people’s needs. The first collective sessions to share a common diagnosis of the situation and stakes were conducted in Cartagena (Spain) and Povoa de Lanhoso (Portugal) at the end of January. Soon to be followed by the session on the 2 buildings in Est Creuse.

Meetings of stakeholders online – Building of Tallante, Cartagena – Spain
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2020 in 12 pictures

Before completely moving on to 2021, let’s take a look at 2020 in 12 photos…

January 2020 - First interviews in Póvoa de Lanhoso, Portugal for the COLEOPTER project
February 2020 - Capacity building of elected representatives in Chambon sur Voueize, France for the COLEOPTER project
March 2020 - Introduction of territorial dialogue in Cartagena, Spain, for the COLEOPTER project
April 2020 - General lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic
May 2020 - Working from home, the new normal
June 2020 - The Intermunicipal Community of Ave (CIM do Ave) joins the network
July 2020 - 1st online workshop to shape the future of the network
August 2020 - Publication of COLEOPTER comic, winning the Jury's prize at the Interreg context
September 2020 - Meeting in Póvoa de Lanhoso, Portugal for the COLEOPTER project
October 2020 - RURENER online General Assembly meeting
November 2020 - The community of Nestorio, Greece, joins the network
December 2020 - Launch of the Climate Pact with EVP Frans Timmermans and the first Ambassadeurs, among which Céline for RURENER
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RURENER is hiring!

If you are a convinced European, an enthusiastic believer in sustainable development and are looking for a fulfilling position, don’t miss your chance to join us!

Already experienced and looking for a position at RURENER? Check-out our latest position offer as European Projects Manager.

Finishing-up your studies and looking for an internship in the field of rural development, the energy transition or European cooperation? Check-out our internship offer for 2021.

RURENER Live is on!

The idea emerged last July during an online meeting with the RURENER members: why not develop video content to share experiences more regularly and despite lockdowns?

Théo filming during the COLEOPTER event in Povoa de Lanhoso, Portugal (Sept 2020)

Duly noted by the RURENER team that started working on different video contents to share monthly with the RURENER members. The contents are either related to a specific approach or technology or relate a territorial energy strategy with the words of local elected people and stakeholders.

Check out the first video on territorial dialogue, by Philippe Barret (Dialter/Geyser). We are working with Philippe through the COLEOPTER project and his long experience in the conduct of territorial dialogue is a real gold mine.

Welcome to ENER’Online

RURENER 2020 General Assembly took place… Online! Given the situation, traveling to Prespes in Greece was not realistic nor safe so the decision to bring the event online was taken. Concretely, it was composed of 2 webinars of 1h30 each. The first on October 29th was dedicated to the General Assembly meeting while the second on October 30th was organized in small workshops on different thematics to inspire new ideas between members, share experiences and build our message at the EU level.

The first workshop focused on the energy transition and attractiveness in rural territories and the second was about the opportunities offered by circular economy in rural territories (more details on the full report).

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