Throwback on ENER’Avila

The ENER’Avila event took place from June 19 to 21, 2023, in the territory of the Avila community. A total of 27 participants attended the event, including elected officials, local government agents, socio-economic actors, and research institutions/universities from seven European countries (Portugal, Cyprus, France, Spain, Greece, Hungary, and Romania). The event consisted of:

  • Conferences: Participants presented the progress that has taken place in their respective regions and discussed the new challenges they are facing.
  • Field visits: Visits were made to the municipality of Gotarrendura, showcasing its photovoltaic initiatives, the municipality of Las Navas del Marques, illustrating policies in support of the circular economy and the importance of biomass, the production of local beer in El Barraco, and the municipality of Hoyo de Pinares, which is involved in citizen initiatives.
  • Workshops: Building on the previous LINK-EU events, workshops focused on developing a roadmap for a resilient European rural area. Additionally, discussions revolved around the future of the RURENER network and how to translate the ambitions and needs of rural communities into policy recommendations.