Tools and Resources

RURENER is developing tools to support local stakeholders according to their needs, in particular regarding the following areas:

  • Monitoring-evaluation of impact

Discover the TIM approach: Territorial Impact Measurement. Developed by RURENER, TIM is a tailored approach to easily monitor the local impact of your energy strategy!

Territorial Impact Measurement – TIM presentation (En)

TIM approach – Fr

Rapport regards croisés TIM – Fr / Comparative report TIM – En

  • Building consensus around your projects

Consensus-building makes a real difference to build and implement your projects. Here are a few resources you may find useful, and if you want to go further, contact-us!

    • Pilot your anaerobic biogas digestor project with the local stakeholders (in French): Méthanisation et dialogue territorial, by the CERDD, Resource Center for Sustainable Development (France).
  • Identification of funding opportunities

Where to find funding for my project? What is the most appropriate? What is the process to get it? You’re not the only one to ask that question. You can find elements of answer in RURENER’s guide on “Financing energy projects”, only available in French for now GUIDE-FINANCER-VOS-PROJETS-ENERGETIQUES  (update of the guide scheduled in 2019)