And then, COP24 was over

From December 3rd to December 14th, the Conference Of the Parties (COP) 24 was held in Katowice, Poland. What to do with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s special report on the impacts of a 1.5°C rise? The report, requested during COP21, was not welcomed as four countries – the USA, Russia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia – refused to do so, stating there were scientific gaps within the report. Even thou countries are invited to use it, the report was not officially welcomed during COP24 which raises many questions as of the engagement of the world’s countries. 

The Paris rulebook was agreed, defining how countries contribute financially to the fight against climate change, and how their manage (and lower) their emissions.  Some delicate questions however, were delayed to COP25 in Chile, for instance the voluntary carbon markets. 

More details on the outcomes of COP24 here : 

All in all, COP24 reflects the difficulties of the governments to reach an agreement that can really make a difference. Once more, we are far from the strong commitments needed, and the young Greta Thunberg  (15) from Sweden says it all. Is she right? Are we completely helpless to face climate change? 

Maybe we can still make a difference. We, at the local level. To show governments how it’s done. Once they can see it’s possible, maybe they will believe it and use these examples to make their policies. As Greta says, “instead of looking for hope, let’s look for actions because when you start to act, hope is everywhere”.

Brace yourself, if the change is coming, it's coming from "the bottom"!

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