EUSEW 2019

The 2019 European Sustainable Energy Week took place from June 17th to June 21st. Another good occasion to learn about the latest energy innovation and meet people from all over Europe who want to make a change. RURENER could not miss it and we promoted the Lands of Study initiative during the Energy Fair. A short video and poster presented RURENER pilot territories that you can visit on a field tour! We joined forces with the European Countryside movement to continue to push through our message for integrated rural development policies at the EU level.

If you work in the energy field, you have probably heard of the European Sustainable Energy Week. Indeed, territories, agencies, NGOs, delegations, businesses, everyone is gathering in Brussels to talk about energy challenges.

Does it change the world? It surely doesn’t but it shows you that you are not the only one acting and that maybe, all together we can achieve something big.

Does it revolutionize your views on energy? Probably not, the people attending are already convinced of the emergency to act, but you could still give the word out that rural territories should REALLY be considered with the same importance as larger cities.

Does it give you all of the answers to the energy problem? Certainly not all, but if you listen carefully, you will hear pretty good ideas that have been tried and validated elsewhere.

All in all, the EUSEW 2019 was worth going to, to get back home with more motivation than ever. And I hope everyone feels the same, because we will need all of our human energy to make it!

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