Local COnsensus Building for the Optimization of of Territorial Policies on Rural Energy, or COLEOPTER, is a European project with 8 partners from 3 countries for a total budget of about 1,5m€. The project is cofunded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Interreg Sudoe programme.

Goal and change expected

The goal of the project is to experiment and validate an integrated approach of energy efficiency in public buildings, in order to improve the efficiency of energy efficiency policies. The COLEOPTER approach involves local parties such as neighbors, users, professionals, and impulsed by local elected representatives into a territorial dialogue. The dialogue will allow to coconstruct the renovation work plans of 4 demonstrator buildings, taking into account the needs of the different parties and raising awareness on energy use in buildings. The COLEOPTER approach puts together the social dimension of the building, the different uses that can influence its energy consumption and the technical dimension thanks to the use of the Building Information Modeling technology. Considering these fundamental aspects is expected to optimize the efficiency of the buildings while raising awareness on energy efficiency challenges in general.

More info

Check out the COLEOPTER website to follow the advancement of the project step by step!