The fourth and final event of the LINK-EU project took place from May 13th to May 15th, 2024, in Nagypali, Hungary. A month before the European elections for the Members of the EU Parliament, delegations from 8 E.U countries visited the village of Nagypali, known as a pioneer of the energy transition at E.U. level, and its surroundings. In total, over 40 participants from 9+ E.U. countries took part in the event. The programme was dense, composed of field visits (water treatment facility, solar PV plant, renewable energy park, positive energy building, etc.) and conferences and workshops to discuss messages from rural communities towards European decision-makers and the future of the European network RURENER, at the manoeuvre of the E.U project.

The Rural Resilience Roadmap was finalized and will be shared by the project’s partners and the whole RURENER network at local, regional, national and European level. Three members of Rurality Environment Development, managing the European Countryside Movement at E.U. level of which RURENER is a part of, took part in the event. Their participation was meant to take the Rural Resilience Roadmap’s messages further up at E.U. level.

If you share the messages on the Rural Resilience Roadmap, contact-us at rurener.eu to become a signatory!