Linking local democracy and solidarity to E.U institutions for the design of resilient energy policies: The LINK-EU project is co-funded by the European Union through the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme. The project seeks to celebrate rural territories’ resilience, foster long-term cooperation between rural territories around Europe and build a shared narrative of EU’s rural communities through the organization of four main events in Portugal, France, Spain and Hungary across rural Europe. Through workshops, expert meetings and dissemination of good practices, LINK-EU aims to improve citizens’ and local authorities’ knowledge of EU policies while promoting local initiatives.

Each event will contribute to the co-construction of the Rural Resilience Roadmap, starting with a shared assessment of the levers and barriers for rural territories, identifying existing innovative and good practices and solutions (social & technical innovation), formulating priorities to take the next steps and recommendations addressed to European and National decision-makers. With the help of the built Roadmap, we aim to draw a clearer path towards a resilient Europe led by its rural communities and give a message on rural communities’ needs and potentials. Finally, the sense of belonging to the European Union will be at the heart of each event, through the discovery of local projects, successful stories, landscape observation and rich experience exchange.