Resilience in Nagypáli, Hungary

The initiatives

The Hungarian government has taken several steps to flatten the curve of the virus and the Municipality of Nagypáli is implementing them in the village:

  • Community events and services are paused in Nagypáli – the settlement closed their public spaces (park, playgrounds, soccer field), so that people did not group
  • People over the age of 65 can go to a shop or a pharmacy from 9 am to 12 noon only, and only staff can be inside at this time
  • To keep at home as many elderly people as possible, Nagypáli offered that the village caretakers can shop for them whenever possible

In addition, Nagypáli implemented local measures to facilite the life of its citizens, lower the risks of contamination as much as possible and strengthen solidarities:

  • The Municipality of Nagypáli will distribute washable mouth masks to local residents in the coming weeks. The necessary materials were provided by the Municipality, and volunteers were sought for sewing. Hundreds of masks are ready.
  • The Municipality of Nagypáli announced the SZEM “Neighbors for Each Other” movement. The mayor, Tibor Köcse asked the young people (under 65 yo) to pay attention to their older neighbors and to help them without direct contact (in shopping, administrative procedures…) and to let him know directly if there is any problem.

The economical consequenses of the virus affected Nagypáli very negatively, as many other Municipalities in Hungary.

The territory

Nagypáli is a small village of 500 inhabitants located in the western part of Hungary, in the Zala county. It economy relies in tourism and agriculture (orchards are abundant). The village has seen a rapid growth of its population in the past decades. The mayor of the village, Tibor Köcse, has been very much involved in the well-beings of its citizens and in the local energy independance through the local production of renewables.